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Supply Chain Financing

One of the most readily available sources of financing is the credit provided by suppliers. This helps organizations to choose which providers offer the best credit terms. Did you know that it is possible to negotiate better conditions?


Indeed, if your company is well capitalized, it is possible to use the conditions of accounts payable to our suppliers to optimize the price of products sold. In addition, in a growth environment, having a good relationship with our suppliers can allow us to serve new customers without the need for new financing.

That said, it is possible to release efficient amounts of liquidity by implementing "Lean" supply chain management processes:

  • Just in Time (JIT) inventory management; 

  • Vendor managed inventory, that allows to pay only for products used and

  • "make or buy" decisions often misused by organizations.


With our expertise in Business Process Optimization, Procurement Chain and Corporate Finance, our team will be able to guide you in developing your match plan for negotiation with your suppliers. Whenever necessary, we can act as the Director of Outsourcing Procurement to ensure optimal results during your negotiations.

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